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Monday, March 30, 2009

"The Miz River" is 3 Years Old!!!

Celebrating 3 Years of "The Miz River"
Wow, can't believe that 3 years has past after opening the 2nd blog. Well, I can't believe that I'm getting so old... I better make full use of my youth before I slowly become an uncle... =p

Busy Period
Indeed, now is the busiest period, with many projects to rush, reports to be written and assignments to catch up. Almost no time to do other stuff though. Anyway, got to go off to do my work now. =(

Monday, February 09, 2009

More Hectic Days Ahead

Meetings and Meetings
Hmm... Now the workload get more and more intensive. Recently had quite a number for meetings for my EE3001 project and my EE4210 networking project. Well, I think I need to work harder for my computer networks, considering the fact that I'm still quite new to computer networks (as compared to my friend KV and JJ).

Initially, I thought CS2106 Operating Systems would be a horror module (after some rumours from my friends). Now, I think that EE4210 Computer Communication Networks II is much more of a horror... Ok, maybe I'm still new to those socket programming, internet protocols etc., so there are some concepts that I haven't grasp yet though...

Anyway, all the first few project reports and lab assignments are due-ing soon. After that, there will be a bigger wave of work assignements and projects that I have to handle. Hmm... Maybe I should have taken some light electives that are not related to what I'm majoring in...

Chinese New Year
Basically the same thing. Eat a lot of goodies, visit relatives, received red packets, etc. Well, today is already the last day of Chinese New Year, so after that, I'm going to tabulate how much I've collected during the 15 days of CNY. Hmm... See if I can buy anything good with the money that I've collected... :P

Sundown Marathon 2009
After some persuation from my sister and my friends, I've decided to sign up for Sundown Marathon 2009 (42km). Well, it's held on 30-31 May (yup, and overnight run), and I don't think it will clash with my in-camp training, which is rumoured and more or less confirmed to be held on Dec 2009. Hmm... Just hope my ICT doesn't clash with Singapore Marathon 2009 though (ok, I suppose the ICT doesn't start in the middle of the exam period)... =p

Monday, January 12, 2009

First Post of the Year

Year 2009
Ya, I'm know that I'm 12 days late, but anyway, Happy Belated, Belated, ..., Belated New Year. This will be my 1st post for the year, and just for your information, this is my 200th post for this blog. Time to Celebrate!!!

Modules Allocated
Well, just for your information, this will be the modules that I'll be taking this semester.
CS2106 - Operating Systems
EE3001 - Project
EE4210 - Computer Communication Networks II
EE4218 - Embedded Hardware System Design
IE2130 - Quality Engineering I

The good news is I managed to secure all my 5 modules with just 1 bid point each! =)

Anyway, the bidding is really exciting this semester for me, especially for IE2130 (I managed to get the other 4 modules in Round 1A for just 1 bid point). Well, After using up a lot of programme points for some of my modules (FNA1002X: 1221 points, EE2001: 710 points, EG1413: 305 points), I was only left with 2509 points when the bidding start. Well, the bid point for IE2130 went up to 3000 points in Round 1A, so I did not get the module in the first place. Nevertheless, I decided to wait till Round 2C, because IE2130 is offered as breadth for non-engineering students, and students from engineering (bidding as program module) and non-engineering (bidding as breadth) will be competing with the same quota. Knowing that not many non-engineering students would want to take engineering module as breadth, I decided to wait.

Eventually, I managed to get IE2130 after all the waiting. The good thing is that out of the 20 vacancies available, there are exactly 20 bidders bidding for this module. In that case, I managed to get the module for 1 bid points! Haha, at least I didn't waste my time waiting... =)

Well, thought of taking EE3208 (Embedded Computer Systems Design) in the first place, but I received many bad comments about my suggested combination (CS2106, EE3001, EE3208, EE4210, EE4218). Some people say that I'll have a very "fun" time with this combination, so I've decided to take up another Technical Elective instead. I chose IE2130 because there's no project involved (just 25% mid-term and 75% exams).

Anyway, lessons have just started today, so this would be the start of another exhausting semester...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Modules to Consider

The 5th Module
Well, I just realised that the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music is offering some electives. Those modules need to go through audition first before one can be admitted in the course, but never mind, I can give it a try. :P

Anyway, my revised list of my 5th module would be:
EE3208 - Embedded Computer Systems Design
GEK1054 - Music in the Global Context
IE2130 - Quality Engineering I
LSM1301 - General Biology
MA2202 - Algebra I
PH2110/GEM2006 - Logic

Friday, December 26, 2008

Results and Modules

Results Out!
Ok, the exams results are out. Well, it's not fantastic, but it's not bad either, so at least that isn't so bad. Ok, here is the summary of modules that I've taken.

Modules Taken Summary
CS1101C Programming Methodology (Engineering Only)
CS1102C Data Structures and Algorithms
CS1231 Discrete Structures
CS1281 C++ to Java
CS2102 Database Systems
CS2103 Software Engineering
EC1301 Principles of Economics
EE2001 Project
EE2005 Electronics
EE2006 Digital Design
EE2007 Microprocessor Systems
EE2009 Signals
EE2012 Analytical Methods In ECE
EE3204 Computer Communication Networks I
EE3207 Computer Architecture
EE4214 Real-Time Embedded Systems
EG1108 Electrical Engineering
EG1413 Critical Thinking And Writing
EG1471 English For Academic Purposes (Engg)
EG2401 Engineering Professionalism
EG3602 Vacation Internship Programme
FNA1002X Financial Accounting
GEK1002 Introduction to Japanese Studies
GEK1505 Living with Mathematics
HR2002 Human Capital in Organizations
MA1505 Mathematics I
MA1506 Mathematics II
MLE1101 Introductory Materials Science And Engineering
PC1432 Physics IIE
SSA2202 Changing Landscapes of Singapore

Modular Credits Summary
ULR: 24/28 (85.71%)
Program: 84/120 (70.00%)
- Faculty: 10/10 (100.00%)
- Course: 74/110 (67.27%)
UEM: 8/12 (66.67%)
Total: 116/160 (72.50%)

Modules for Next Semester
Ok, these are my confirmed modules:
CS2106 Operating Systems
EE3001 Project
EE4210 Computer Communication Networks II
EE4218 Embedded Hardware System Design

Currently I'm stil deciding on my 5th module, and this is the list of modules that I've considered:
EE3208 Embedded Computer Systems Design
IE2130 Quality Engineering I
LSM1301 General Biology
MA2202 Algebra I

(and still considering other modules too)

Well, it can be a little headache when you still cannot decide what module to take...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Post Exams Matter

Exams Over!!!
Ok, think I'm a bit late about posting this, since my exams ended more than 1 week ago. Well, this time round, I can't expect to get good grades for the exams, since I didn't really have much motivation and time (yes, still can't forget about the hectic EE2001/EE3207/EE4214 projects). But well, Engineering is about hectic design projects (otherwise why is it still called engineering). Well, more good semesters to come, especially when I have to embark on my B.Eng. Dissertation in about half a year time.

For this semester, think the best I could expect would be a B+ for my EE2001 and EE3207. Well, it's very difficult to get any grade below B for project modules like EE2001, unless you put in almost 0 effort for the project. For EE3207, the lecturer said that he'll give the top 30% of the EE3207 cohort A, and the remaining 70% will get a B (unless the person contributed nothing, or has almost 0 knowledge about computer architecture). So basically, I should expect around B+ for EE3207, given that our group did decently well for the 70% project.

Tentative Modules for Next Semester
Hmm... Think for next semester, these will be the modules I'll tentatively be taking:
CS2106 - Operating Systems
EE3001 - Project (Technology Assessment)
EE4210 - Computer Communication Networks II
EE4218 - Embedded Hardware System Design
One more module (still undecided yet)

Well, I heard horror stories about CS2106, but nevertheless I'll still be taking this module (otherwise how can I still call myself a Computer Engineer). Anyway, I've already made a mistake by taking EE4214 without taking CS2106 (EE4214 requires a lot of knowledge on Operating Systems by the way), so this time I'm going to make it up by taking CS2106 next semester. =P

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008
Yup, this year I took part in the full marathon, again. Even though I did very badly last year by coming back 6h 23min (chip time) later, I told myself that I should try again and improve on my timing, so I've decided to spend more time training for this year's marathon.

Hmm... Unfortunately I'm one of the victim for the flu bug, so I still haven't fully recover when the day of the marathon came. Well, even though my father advised me not to run for the marathon (because I might suddenly get heart attack and die, like how some people died during the run), I told him that I'll be going at my own slower pace, so that I'll not make my heart overwork.

Anyway, I expected to come back at a later time this year, because of that stupid flu, but well, didn't expect that my slow jog can be quite fast... =P Ok, I've realised that I tend to walk fast and in big steps, and yup, that's the advantage of having longer legs. =) Anyway, managed to finish the whole thing by 5h 37 min (chip time), which is like more than 40 minutes shorter than last year.

Well, will be taking part for the full marathon next year again (if I have nothing important going on during that day), and hopefully I can get better results. =)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Exam Period

It's the exam period. A lot of people started studying and preparing for their examinations a few weeks before the study break starts. Exceptional people like me only started studying and preparing one day before my 1st examination started. Ya, modules like EE3207 (Computer Architecture) are eating up my exam revising period because the project can stretch and extend up the the exam peiod... Anyway, our group manage to submit our project before our exams started, even though we faced a lot of problems with the clock for the 8051 processor (which we eventually managed to solve it by making the intruction execute at the down-clock instead). Well, I'm expecting my results to plummet since I haven't prepare much for my exams (and my CA results aren't so fantastic either). Thought of taking EE3208 (Embedded Computer Systems Design) as one of my technical electives next semester, but after getting "tortured" by that TTT for EE3207 (and yup, he's teaching EE3208 too), I have to think twice (or even many times) before deciding whether I should take EE3208 or not...

Well, at this point of time, I've completed 3 exams, and left that notoriously difficult EE4214 (Real-Time Embedded Systems) exam to go. Hmm... Can't put too much hope for that module, and if I can get a C for that module, I'll be happy enough... Well, for the 3 exams that I've taken, I've written quite a lot of rubbish for HR2002 (Human Capital in Organizations), answered a number of parts wrongly for EE3204 (Computer Communication Networks I), and "tikam" all 40 questions for my EE3207 exams. Well, can't depend on my rest of my module as well... Hmm... The EE3207 exam is one of the most "challenging" exam that I've attempted. Imagine the lecturer can ask you any questions that come from other sources (eg. computer magazines, newspaper, websites of some electronic companies, datasheets of some microprocessors etc.) and mostly NOT from the lectures... Hmm... Since the exam is MCQ based (and makes up only 30% of the overall grade), of course almost everybody will "tikam" all the questions (except for those exceptional ones who have read everything from the universe about computers).

Anyway, after completing (or almost completing at this point of time) this semester, I learnt one very important lesson. Choose your modules and/or your technical electives wisely...